Editor : Satish Ohri    Edition : Jan - Feb 2019

Indo-Pak Dialogue: Hysteric Opposition, Confused Govt

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Five years back, a new, colourful twenty four pages Tabloid hit newspaper stands in Delhi. Its attractive format, fitting size, glory paper and economical price immediately caught eyes of those wanting to explore new reading material in compact yet comprehensive form. The monthly BUSINESS AT ZERO HOUR Tabloid fulfilled that need.

The very title raised curiosity, it being unique and unusual. Readers started, after going through the contents of the Tabloid, equating the title with the now familiar phenomenon called "Zero Hour' in our Parliament. The intrinsic commonality between the two is variety. Just as during Zero Hour in Parliament our representatives highlight a number of various matters of public importance, so does this Tabloid. This is borne out from the fact that the BAZH has, in the last 36 issues not only capsulised the then current topics in the country but also presented some of them with in-depth study based on researched facts.

Each issue contains information to enlighten the readers. Each topic is accompanied by apt, ample and colourful pictures. This not only enhances and enriches the contents but also sustains a reader's interest. This presentation format has earned reader-wide appreciation.

Thus BAZH has been able to make a mark within a short span of Five years. There are no ideological or 'interest' strings attached to it. It is prompted and motivated by only one objective, namely to provide readers with wide spectrum of information and knowledge current topic and stimulate their thinking. On completion of Five years of publication, we pledge to live upto our readers' expectations and to strive for better and better. Our efforts will always be to provide in the issues to come, value-added material so that each issue becomes qualitatively unique and an enjoyable and one of its kind reading experience.

Business At Zero Hour Team

Editor : Satish Ohri
Special Editor : B.G.Gujar (Parliament)
Contributing Editors
Vinod KapoorAtul CowshishAnita Saluja
Consulting Editor
R.M. SinghVenkat Parsa 
Consulting Editor (Political)
G. Srinivasan 
Marketing Head (Mumbai) : Abhishek Ohri
Production Head : R.S. Rawat
Visualizer & Graphic Designer : Arun Kumar
Financial & Taxation Consultant : Prakash Chandra Jain
Chartered Accountant : Mahesh Kumar & Co.
Project Head : Meharwan Singh Rawat

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